Saturday, January 24, 2009

D. in his favorite toy

D. loves this toy, and slobbering all over his toys. He actually went from 8:40 pm til 5:30 am last night between feedings with only one 60-min interruption! That is a huge, HUGE improvement on the hourly and semi hourly interruptions we've had for the past month. I was feeling so zombie-like, and after talking to a friend, go up the nerve to take away his pacifier and swaddling blanket and let him figure out how to self soothe. At 5:30 A. woke up to use the potty, and then D. woke up to eat. They both went right back to sleep and before I knew it, it was 8:50 am!!!!!!!!!! I can't remember getting this much sleep. D. also self soothed for his first nap of the day! Yipee to better sleep for mom!


So I heard a cummotion in the TV room this morning, like two kids fighting :) So when I walked into the room, this picture is what I saw. When L heard me take the picture he said "Mom, we're boxing!" Sure enough, boxing. Well, that's one way to explain it:)

Monday, January 19, 2009

D is eating rice cereal!

D is eating rice cereal and especially loves it with some of mom's homemade applesauce mixed in! A loves homemade applesauce too! L even tried some last night with our turkey dinner-I had to tell him it had cinnamon and sugar in it to get him to try it though!

There is snow everywhere and it seems to just keep coming. It is beautiful and the kids love to play in it! But it is so cold. Single digits is not so fun, but it makes a cup of hot cocoa taste even better when we come in from the cold.

I realized yesterday that I'd only been using 10-20 minutes on my cell phone for the last 6 months. What's the point of having a cell phone I wonder? N. says I need to have one while the kids are little for those emergencies, but I'm thinking paying $3.5o a minute for my cell phone priviledges is a bit too much! Anyone have thoughts on tracphones?

Thursday, December 11, 2008

It's snowing

Finally it's snowing. Or icing as A. said today. Does this mean Christmas traveling begins? Oh what fun.....I took pictures of the kids for Christmas cards and they did great. So great that we were done in less time than it took to get everybody dressed. D. was so ready for a nap as you can tell by his red eye lids, that he crashed for a good long nap. I was able to order pictures and procrastinate picking them up until this really nasty weather showed up. Hmmm, now do I brave the weather to pick up the pictures to get them addressed and sent this weekend or do I procrastinate a little longer and end up sending Christmas cards for New Year's. maybe this year, this blog will be our Christmas card!